Agent Policy

Agent policy

Agent definition

Floordi level 1 agents are professional wood and plastic flooring business units; or companies, shops dealing in building materials, interior and exterior decoration with wooden floor display area, agree to cooperate and sign a direct agency contract with Floordi Joint Stock Company.

Or companies that build, architect, big design with a strategic partnership with Floordi. At the same time, the use of Floordi products in work designs to advise customers; regularly purchase Floordi’ s supplies to work for work.

Both groups must satisfy the requirements for regular purchase and the total annual purchase value less than the company’ s regulations.

No. Ratings Average monthly sales Discount rate
1 Silver From 50 million to less than 100 million 3%
2 Titan From 100 million to less than 200 million 5%
3 Gold From 200 million to less than 350 million 6%
4 Diamond From 350 million to less than 500 million 7%
5 Platinum From over 500 million 10%

Floordi’ s rating and discount ratings are based on sales.

Agency criteria

  • Legal status: a company / shop with a business registration license.
  • Place of business: there is a fixed business place, convenient for business activities. At the same time, there is a display, introducing Floordi products at the agency’ s shop.
  • Financial capacity of financial potential: vnd 100, 000, 000 or over.
  • Sign: there is a contract and understand Floordi’ s business policies.
  • Policy: for the franchise agent in a given region, the sales are committed per month / quarter / year. At the same time, non – business products of other companies, or competing products, or are considered competing with proprietary products provided by Floordi.

Cooperation principles

The principle of cooperation with the agency is built based on the business philosophy of Floordi and is reflected throughout all business activities:

  • Floordi exists, activities and development because customers: focus on developing core values to address the needs that agents need: (1) continually improve product quality and services to provide the most satisfaction and reliability for customers and consumers. (2) always runs the same agent to find and fix the khăn. In Floordi, customer care and customer support is one of the highly recommended and focused objectives.
  • The product: wood floor labels for imported Floordi and distribution must meet the following at 3

(1) Is good materials, high tenacity;

(2) Is a safe, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly material;

(3) Is a high-aesthetic product that provides a new experience for consumers.

From the above reasons, it is possible to see that each product produced by Floordi is able to provide a positive value for the sale of copper at the same time contributing to the prestige of the agency. The labels from Floordi are always highly stable, sustainable, and consistently tested, tested for quality. For Floordi, product quality is the highest priority.

  • Cooperation: cooperation to develop together. Floordi has always maintained clarity, transparency, and assurance of interests and interests of parties in cooperation.


  • Any agreement between the parties involved in the financial and cooperative policies must be made in writing and have a valid certification from the legal representative or the authorized person.
  • Activities related to the order and payment of goods and the certification of debts and other financial activities only when they are made in writing, or the email exchanged between the two parties.

Information contact principle:

  • Information on the technical and technical specifications and retail prices shall be provided in synchronization on www. Floordi. com
  • Every document such as the quotation, policies, and promotions shall be sent to the agent by a valid copy of the official document with the seal or equivalent
  • Messages shall be sent to the official email by the agency registered at the time of signing contracts with Floordi company
  • Each agent will have a business staff of Floordi in charge of care and information exchange between agents and Floordi. In case of complaints or concerns, please respond to email

Purchase principle:

  • Floordi only sells goods to agents who have implemented their agency contracts.
  • An order from a happy agent shall be sent to the trader in charge of supporting and being presented in the form of text: email, text, or use of order software supplied by Floordi. Floordi has the right to refuse responsibility in case the order is wrong if the order is not available.
  • In case the agency wishes to keep goods in the warehouse to wait for the construction, the request for a deposit of 30% goods, the time limit for keeping the agent at most 30 days from the date of receipt of the pile.
  • For orders with a quantity larger than existing inventory, the agent shall put at least 30% value of the pre-tax order with a separate contract. The time of import of goods for each line shall be provided to agent at the time of signing the purchase contract.

Delivery guidelines and shipping:

  • In case the traffic and social situation are stable, the goods shall be delivered within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the order, or at the request of the agency for each order in which the goods are available.
  • Special cases requiring delivery of goods and agents may be exchanged with business staff in charge of providing advice on the delivery of delivery assistance.
  • Before and after the warehouse, the warehouse department of Floordi shall make a notification of the status and certification with the agent.
  • Goods delivered to agents shall be provided for according to ” commodity standards of Floordi imported Floordi.
  • Free transport policies: stipulated in the notice: ………

Policy on warranty:

Products distributed by Floordi have a direct commitment to direct warranty from the manufacturer and the commitment to direct the direct warranty from Floordi.

  • The policy on warranty for the warranty of Floordi products is applied in accordance with Floordi’ s merchandise exchange policy according to the announcement: 06-21/TB-FDI.
  • Outside, Floordi provides general warranty and separate warranty policies for each product line and specified in link: The happy agent visits to learn to ensure the rights of your agency and client.

Policy and profit

Floordi applies the list of synchronous listing prices to the entire system including:

  • Standard price: the applicable price for buyers buying for their own construction, the standard price built on the expected yield of the agency, and the cost of construction costs. The standard price level can be adjusted to increase or decrease within the permissible range depending on the cost of construction and transport.
  • Policy: the policy is listed synchronized to ensure fair competition among agents.
  • Profit: Floordi has always worked hard to obtain the highest yield in the industry with product improvement activities, color samples, and quality. At the same time managing the competition and the limits of a sales agency.

Payment policies and debts

  • Policy: for the agency that has not yet been granted the debt, Floordi applies the payment policy before the delivery of the delivery. Floordi only accepts the form of payment by the number of bank accounts assigned by the Floordi. Every form of payment in cash is unacceptable.
  • Policy: Floordi provides public debt policies for titanium agents or higher, with a limited frequency and frequency of regular purchase at least once per month.
  • Value and debt limit: depending on the agency rankings, the business is considered and approved by the finance and management department of Floordi.
  • The debt limit limits include: the time limit for payment and the value of the debt is granted.
  • Maintained: to maintain the scope of the agency to carry out the purchase of at least 1 time in the month and pay the debt in accordance with the time prescribed by the granted agreement. The agency’ s quota will be added when the credit is due on time and continuous purchase activity. Floordi will stop providing limited support in case of occasional purchases or delays in payment.

Policies on support for the same development agent

  • Funding: The maximum fund financing of 4,000,000 VND / agent (Pretax) for agents that reach silver levels or higher; the material – decal and is produced by standard design from Floordi company.
  • The display model: Given by each branch, the quantity depending on the current time:
No. Ratings Sample bar Facing area
1 New agent & Silver 30% sample value 30% order value
(≤ 100m2).
2 Titan 50% sample value 50% order value
(≤ 50m2)
3 Gold 70% sample value 70% order value
4 Diamond 100% sample value 70% order value
(≤ 100m2)
5 Platinum 100% sample value 100% order value.
(≤ 100m2)
    • This support applies only once a year, and it can be adjusted by the marketing bureau’s sample policy.
    • The sample is selected from the sample list by Floordi provided.
    • In case of new goods, Floordi will issue a free form of free-market form according to marketing’s plan and be notified to agents.
  • Depends on each program and time in the year, the agency is supported for free items promoting goods sold by Floordi, such as the sample, leaflets, t-shirts, posters,…
  • Policy on support for participation in building materials fairs:
    • Floordi will finance a portion of the agency with plans to participate in the Vietbuild exhibition or building material fairs.
    • The level of funding will be exchanged and agreed upon by both parties in specific cases.
  • Floordi will provide a pattern, sample, leaflet, brochure for the showing agent.
  • Floordi will provide personnel to provide support for sales assistance at the request of the agency.
  • Policies for digital marketing (Facebook, google, youtube, …)
  • Floordi provides support for websites, creating Fanpage, creating Google maps, … ad support to search for clients.
  • Posts an ad agency’s ad agency and showroom on Floordi or media campaigns on Floordi’s news page. Consulting, orientation, and support for communication campaigns, marketing of agents if there is a request.
  • Policies for development capacity training, understanding products.
  • Floordi regularly organizes training programs for the sale of products and mentoring skills for agents.
  • Training in products, strengths, and features of products produced by Floordi.

Policies to upgrade agency and discount year

  • Ranks the agency to receive public debt support policies, code samples, and other business tools that are evaluated and rated twice per year. The time of evaluation of the periodic rankings is on December 31 and June 30 annually.
  • Ranked agent to record according to the Floordi discount program evaluated and rated once per year. The time of evaluation began in January of the next year, after closing on December 31. The time spent on the final discount of the year is at the latest until march 30 of the next year.
  • Agent of the diamond group if there is a need to upgrade the franchise under the franchise, “Floordi Franchise” to receive special support policies, will be considered for a free upgrade and applied immediately to the policy and support standards

For example: The prime minister bill the first purchase of goods in May 2021, sales from the time of the first purchase of goods to December 31/12/2020 is 1,700,000,000 (VND). The total number of business floors in 2021 is 08 months. The average monthly turnover of the quarter is: 1,700,000,000 (VND) / 08 months = 212,500,000 (VND) / month. So the agency’s promotion level is the equivalent of 5% gold. The total discount that the agent received is 1,700,000,000 (VND) * = 85,000,000 (VND)

Monthly and quarterly promotions policy

  • Floordi regularly builds monthly promotions to promote business and increase sales for agents
  • The promotion of promotions is accompanied by the specific conditions and time applicable to each program