D2304 Light Chestout – 12mm – AC3

Light Chestout is considered a color code that is popular and highly appreciated by Vietnamese users. Because the light yellow tone is easy to combine with most styles from modern to semi-classical. The wood grain is sharp and rough, creating a more realistic and sophisticated interior for the interior.
  • : D2304E
  • : China
  • : 10 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
SKU #D2304E
Origin China
Collection HAVANA
Size L1215 x W195 x T12mm
AC/Class AC3 Class 31
Wood Core HDF
Surface EIR
Click System V – Groove
HDF (±10 kg/m3) 860 ± 10
Expansion ≤ 18%
m2/B 1.76
P/B 10
Kg/B 18
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