AG1207 Daffodil Modern – 12mm – AC4

With an attractive brown tone and an unusual wood grain pattern, Daffodil Modern is suitable for souls who love innovation and creativity. Designed with a matte Pearl surface with realistic and vivid textures, the AG1207 transports you to a world of unique, artistic inspiration. Daffodil Modern brings many interesting things to the exploration and experience of endless space. AG1207 - Daffodil Modern has become an indispensable part of modern life. AG1207 has a healthy and liberal beauty in it, which will definitely be a great companion for souls looking for their own substance.
  • : AG1207E
  • : Vietnam
  • : 15 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
SKU #AG1207E
Color Daffodil Modern
Origin Viet Nam
Collection LAMTON AquaGuard
Product specifications L1200 x W122 x T12mm
HDF (Kg/m3) 880 – 910
Emission 15mg/100g (+/-5)
Surface Pearl
Click system Unilin
AC Ratings AC4 Class 32
AQua level AQ4
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