AG1208 Bronze Snappy – 12mm – AC4

Possessing an enchanting dark brown tone, it is suitable for the architecture and luxury design style, bold high-class. Bronze Snappy creates an element of power, helping to express personal values ​​clearly. A color code containing an extremely attractive mystery. Deep in the beauty of the AG1208 is the traditional beauty of Asia in the prosperous period. Bronze Snappy is the perfection of meticulous attention to the smallest detail. You can touch to feel the delicate, flexible wood grain, listen to the connection with nature right in your own home. AG1208 - Bronze Snappy affirms the class of homeowners in modern Asian architecture.
  • : AG1208E
  • : Vietnam
  • : 15 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
SKU #AG1208E
Color Bronze Snappy
Origin Viet Nam
Collection LAMTON AquaGuard
Product specifications L1200 x W122 x T12mm
HDF (Kg/m3) 880 – 910
Emission 15mg/100g (+/-5)
Surface Pearl
Click system Unilin
AC Ratings AC4 Class 32
AQua level AQ4
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