D8202HR Adare Oak – 12mm – AC3

If you are a lover of the beauty of the intersection between modern and traditional, Adare Oak will be the perfect choice for any Vietnamese project. Color coding keeps its own elegant, quiet beauty, hidden deep in it is the lasting value of a long-standing culture with many emotions. D8202HR is considered a symbol of spring, of new beginnings and developments. Adare Oak herringbone wood flooring is more and more popular in Vietnam because of the harmonious combination between rustic oriental features and the comfort of modern life. A color-coding helps create an energetic and cozy living space.
  • : D8202HRE
  • : China
  • : 10 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
Origin China
Size L606 x W101mm x T12mm
AC/Class AC3 Class 31
Wood Core HDF
Surface Brushed Crystal, EIR
Click System V – Groove
HDF (±10 kg/m3) Density 850 ± 10
Expansion ≤ 12%
m2/B 2.2
P/B 33
B/P 42
Kg/B 21.5
m2/P 84.83
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