D8203HR Belton Walnut – 12mm – AC3

Artistic color-coding lets you unleash your creativity on any project. Possessing a warm yellow tone and a simple wood grain surface design, it helps to retain the most natural beauty of the wood. Belton Walnut always focuses on modernity, luxury, and comfort for space. Inspired by the luxurious Western European culture, the D8203HR exudes the pride of a trendy, elegant, and extremely classy lifestyle. If you are a lover of smart interior decoration, like every corner of the house becomes a place to relax, then Belton Walnut herringbone wood floor will be a resonating friend that can turn your home into a nest. utility heater.
  • : D8203HRE
  • : China
  • : 10 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
Origin China
Size L606 x W101mm x T12mm
AC/Class AC3 Class 31
Wood Core HDF
Surface Brushed Crystal, EIR
Click System V – Groove
HDF (±10 kg/m3) Density 850 ± 10
Expansion ≤ 12%
m2/B 2.2
P/B 33
B/P 42
Kg/B 21.5
m2/P 84.83
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