AG1203 Taupe Private – 12mm – AC4

Owning the warm yellow tones of the airy early mornings, inspired by the moment when the shining rays of sunlight shine on each tiny ripple on the wood surface, that's when you will feel the most clearly. The beauty, the peace that nature brings through the color code AG1203. Taupe Private has many outstanding advantages that easily fit into any space, from the office to a peaceful home. AG1203 easily conquers the hearts of those who seek the unique beauty of inspiring Asian culture. This is a color code with beautiful vein structure, rich color and very attractive.
  • : AG1203E
  • : Vietnam
  • : 15 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
SKU #AG1203E
Color Taupe Private
Origin Viet Nam
Collection LAMTON AquaGuard
Product specifications L1200 x W122 x T12mm
HDF (Kg/m3) 880 – 910
Emission 15mg/100g (+/-5)
Surface Pearl
Click system Unilin
AC Ratings AC4 Class 32
AQua level AQ4
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