AG804 Station Light – 8mm – AC4

Products with gray brown tones are suitable for the souls who love innovation and creativity. Designed with a rough Pearl surface with realistic and vivid wood joints, Dolly Empire transports you to a world of unique and inspiring art. AG804 brings to the space many interesting things about endless exploration and experience. An impressive color code, bold art, keeping the unique value unmistakably. AG804 - Dolly Empire new trend for superlative works.
  • : AG804E
  • : Vietnam
  • : 15 Years
  • : Còn hàng
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Information product
SKU # AG804E
Color Station Light
Origin Viet Nam
Collection LAMTON AquaGuard
Product specifications L1200 x W122 x T8mm
HDF (Kg/m3) 880 – 910
Emission 15mg/100g (+/-5)
Surface Pearl
Click system Unilin
AC Ratings AC4 Class 32
AQua level AQ4
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